Mon ticket d’orDavid Cadji NewbyWonderbly

Mon ticket d’or
David Cadji Newby

A very long (and very purple) limousine came to pick us up. We got in, and it drove up a long, twisty road I’d never seen before. When we got close, I saw puffs of strange, shimmering smoke rising into the sky. And then – the factory! Inside the gates, Wonka’s factory...
Oh, j’ai perdu mon nom !David Cadji-NewbyWonderbly

Oh, j’ai perdu mon nom !
David Cadji-Newby

The little boy/girl who lost his/her name One day a little boy awoke, sat up and rubbed his eyes, looked over at his bedroom door – and got a big surprise! His name, which he had stuck there – shock horror, it was gone! What exactly was he called? Bob? Or Ted? Or...

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